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SalesFirst – Growing Your Business

SalesFirst growing business sales and marketing

Sales and Marketing that Delivers Results!

SalesFirst are not just a telemarketing company or a marketing agency, we are a multi-disciplined sales and marketing partner to grow your business.

Sales, and the revenue generated from them, are the lifeblood of every business.

Without new sales leads being generated and your business acquiring new customers, over time your business will reduce and your competitors will seize the opportunities.

In today’s uncertain economic climate, it is almost certain that many of your clients will look to reduce their expenditure, and you may lose other customers through no fault of your own.

You can allow your business to retract, or you can take positive steps to redress the balance and develop your business.

SalesFirst work with SMEs to enable them to profitably grow and increase business with the right kind of clients.  With extensive experience across a huge range of industries, we work with our clients to identify the right type of work to profitably grow their businesses, and then we put plans into place to acquire these.

Our approach is simple and straightforward – we become an extension to your in-house sales and marketing team and use our knowledge and capabilities to generate the right sort of leads for your business, as well as assisting to convert these into paying customers.

Our services include improving your marketing literature and sales proposals, ensuring that your website is working effectively for you, lead generation through telemarketing, and face-to-face selling on your behalf.  We are more than just an agency – we have long-term partnerships with our clients, working with them as a seamless addition to their business to expedite business development.

What do we do for our clients?

  • Review current sales and marketing performance (offline and online) and how it is impacting on the business

  • Assess performance of any advertising expenditure

  • Identify where the company wants to get to and what it needs to refine to achieve this

  • Target the type of work, geography and customers you are looking to work with

  • Benchmark the competition

  • Produce a plan to deliver profitable business growth under the criteria identified

  • Put plan into place through refined online and offline marketing

  • Undertake sales activity (telemarketing, networking and face-to-face selling) to identify new leads and convert into customers